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as the most disqualif▓ying factor for a potential pres▓idential candidate, according to a report pos▓ted on the website of The Washing▓ton Post on September 22, 2015.▓ More than half of those surve▓yed said they would be less likely to vote for someone who did not believe in God. And ▓another Pew poll in July 2014 found that?/p>

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?of all religion-related groups, atheists and Muslims were viewed the most negatively by Ameri?/p>

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坈ans (www.washingtonpost.com, September 22, 201▓5).Citizens' electoral rights were furthe▓r lim

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  • senator (www.w▓ashingtonpost.com, January 16, 2015).Disc

    on March 20, 2015, said the nation had its lowest midterm-election voter turn▓o

    ut in 2014 since the ear

    ly 1940s. The average turnou

  • rimination against beliefs led to unfairness in polit▓i

    t across the United States was 37 percent, with a low of 28.8 percent recorded i

    n ▓Indiana (http://www.

    usatoday.com, March 20, 2015

  • cal life. Not believing in God could be the▓ biggest disa

    ).It was difficult ▓for voters to express their real will. The Christian Scienc

    e Monitor carried a re

    port on its website on Decembe

  • dvantage while running for a post in ▓public office. It w

    r 13, 2015 that the two-party system forced the voters▓ to take side. Most vote

    rs cast ballots for a

    party not because they suppor?/p>

  • as difficul▓t for those who were not Christians to win e

    坱ed the party but out of fear and worry ove▓r the other one (www.csmonitor.com,

    December 13, 2015). It

    was said in the U.S. Presid

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